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Sirringhaus Lab



Stefano joined the group as research associate in Feb 2023. His work here focuses on charge transport in perovskite semiconductors. He is particularly fascinated by investigating how electrons and phonons dance in these "soft" semiconductors.

His PhD at the Italian Institute of Technology in Milan revolved around charge transport in printable carbon-based semiconductors, from conjugated polymers to carbon nanotubes. He is especially proud of demonstrating how cool sp-carbon wires can be as a semiconducting layer in organic transistors.

He studied engineering at Politecnico di Milano and developed a background in Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science. During his master at ENS Lyon and ILM, he focused on DFT calculations to understand the impact of vacancies on the thermoelectric properties of graphene and TMDCs.

Sports and travel are his jam. When not in the lab, you'll catch him scaling mountains, hitting the slopes, or diving deep.