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Sirringhaus Lab



Will received an MPhys in Physics from the University of Manchester in 2016, followed by an MRes in "Integrated Photonic and Electronic Systems" from Cambridge and UCL in 2017, and finished his PhD here in OE-FET in 2022.
Will's work here focuses on charge transport physics in polymer semiconductors. His PhD was focused on measuring and interpreting the Hall effect in our polymer systems (eg PBTTT) to see what it can tell us about how ideal charge transport is within them and how this affected by various factors like doping, temperature etc.
On the more human side of things, Will likes to make sure we go on regular pub/bar trips and loves a good brew and chat.


Key publications: 
  1. Revealing contributions to conduction from transport within ordered and disordered regions in highly doped conjugated polymers through analysis of temperature-dependent Hall measurements
    W.A. Wood et al, Accepted in Physical Review Materials 2023

  2. JISA: A Polymorphic Test-and-Measurement Automation Library
    W.A. Wood et al, GitHub

  3. Observation of Weak Counterion Size Dependence of Thermoelectric Transport in Ion Exchange Doped Conducting Polymers Across a Wide Range of Conductivities
    C. Chen et al, Advanced Energy Materials 2023

  4. Thermoelectric Transport Signatures of Carrier Interactions in Polymer Electrochemical Transistors
    D. Thje et al, Bulletin of the American Physical Society 2023

  5. Charge transport in mixed metal halide perovskite semiconductors
    S.P. Senanayak et al, Nature Materials 2023

  6. Structural and Dynamic Disorder, Not Ionic Trapping, Controls Charge Transport in Highly Doped Conducting Polymers
    I.E. Jacobs et al, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2022

  7. Charge and Thermoelectric Transport in Polymer-Sorted Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Networks
    M. Statz et al, ACS Nano 2020

  8. Temperature-Dependent Thermoelectric Transport in Polymer-Sorted Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube Networks with Different Diameter Distributions
    M. Statz et al, Bulletin of the American Physical Society 2020